Evaluation of WFP Response to Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua

On 04 SEP 2007, a Category 5 hurricane, ‘Felix’, hit the coast of the Northern Autonomous Region (RAAN) in Nicaragua. WFP responded immediately by distributing emergency relief from existing stocks and launched an immediate response emergency operation (IR-EMOP)to assist 38,000 victims, and a nine-month emergency operation (EMOP) to assist 80,000 persons with a general food distribution (GFD) followed by a supplementary feeding programme (SFP) for 35,000 beneficiaries. WFP also planned food for work (FFW) for 55,000 persons. It is unlikely that the under-funded protracted relief and recovery operation (PRRO) could have achieved the same results. The EMOP was resourced 90 per cent against the appeal. A no-cost extension to NOV 30 2008 was made.