Food Aid Flows 2011 Report

Food Aid Flows 2011 Report

In 2011 global food aid deliveries were the lowest since 1990 at 4.1 million mt. WFP was the primary means of delivery for 60 percent. The priority of donors during the reporting period was to meet emergency needs: 67 percent of food aid was used for this purpose. But response planning requires the needs to address the causes of food insecurity and to introduce interventions that improve nutrition, health, education, resilience and livelihoods.

Emergency food aid for sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Middle East and North Africa accounted for 96 percent of deliveries. Latin America and the Caribbean received 4 percent, and Eastern Europe and CIS received negligible quantities.

The top eight recipient countries accounted for 55 percent of total food aid deliveries: Ethiopia (19 percent), Pakistan (10 percent), Kenya (7 percent), the Sudan (5 percent), Mozambique (4 percent), Somalia (4 percent), Afghanistan (3 percent) and DRC (3 percent).

This annual Food Aid Flows Report gives an overview of trends in global food aid deliveries by donor governments, non-governmental organizations and WFP which also includes additional statistical information as Annexes.