Food security in Indonesia: Time for policy change

Published on 28 April 2009

The first Millennium Development Goal (MDG) calls for the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger. Food security, or rights to food, is defined as access to sufficient and affordable food which can relate to a single household or to the global population. Despite political commitments to reduce world hunger, the number of people lacking access to the "minimum dietary energy requirements" (2,000 kilocalories per day) has risen from 824 million in the baseline year (1990) to 963 million in 2008. (…) The number of poor people is growing. Most of these people are small scale farmers (petani gurem) with less than 0.25 ha of land, or agricultural-wage laborers. In accordance with the World Food Programme (WFP, 2005), poor and malnourished people in Indonesia will almost certainly not be able to escape poverty unless drastic changes are made to policies.

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