Government partnering with NGOs to improve welfare of the IDPs

Published on 27 May 2009

Speaking to Asian Tribune, the Chairman of the Sewa Lanka Foundation, Dr. Harsha Kumara Navaratne says that at present the Task Force is working with the NGOs, UN agencies and the government institutions to overcome the present difficulties of the welfare camps. Senior Presidential Advisor Rajapaksa has instructed to overcome the present issues such as drinking water, sanitation, shelters, and other major critical matters within two weeks. (...) Responding to questions raised by the Asian Tribune, Navaratne said the World Food Programme and the UN agencies now work with the Competent Authority under one plan. "The Competent Authority daily holds discussions with the NGOs, Government agencies, UN and other responsible parties to solve matters on the spot on an ad hoc basis. This is a good plan which was initiated by President Mahindha Rajapaksa", he said.

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