Government says all facilities are being provided to IDPs.

Published on 01 June 2009

The government says cooked meals are being provided to displaced persons living in welfare villages in Vavuniya since their arrival to government controlled areas during the conflict. A number of local and foreign voluntary organisations are also assisting to this process. Over 250 thousand persons are receiving three meals daily. Speaking to the SLBC, Chairman of the Seva Lanka Foundation Dr. Harsha Kumara Navarathne said 70 kitchens have been set up at these welfare centres to prepare the meals of IDPs. The World Food Programme supplies food items for these people and the security forces coordinate the process. Dr. Navarathne said this programme will continue even after the Government’s 180-day resettlement programme is kicked off. He added that there is no shortage of food, medicine and other requirements of the people living in these centres.

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