Hlubi Mboya - Actress, Ambassador Against Hunger

Hlubi Mobya in a Mozambique orphanage where WFP provides daily meals. Copyright:WFP/Richard Lee

Hlubi Mboya is one of the most loved TV actresses in southern Africa. She became a WFP National Ambassador Against Hunger after two years of raising awareness about WFP’s work by participating in various campaigns.

These included a trip in 2009 to visit WFP projects in Mozambique where she provided both the entertainment—dancing and singing—and the food at a local orphanage.

Mboya, who is also a theatre actress and a television presenter, has a strong record of public service and social activism. Her role as HIV-positive Nandipha Sithole on the SABC television soap opera Isidingo led her to travel throughout Africa as an HIV/AIDS campaigner.

Hlubi is the first non-model to appear on the cover of South Africa’s Elle magazine. She strongly believes that fighting hunger and feeding a child is simple. “If you have US $0.25 cents then you can feed a child and with one dollar you feed a family. It is that easy to make a positive impact on the life of a child,” she says.



Partner Profile

Profession: Actress and TV personality, South Africa

WFP National Ambassador Against Hunger since October 2010