In Its Biggest Appeal Ever, U.N. Requests $5 Billion in Humanitarian Aid for Syria

Published on 11 June 2013

June 7 - The United Nations issued the biggest financing appeal in its history on Friday, asking for more than $5 billion in humanitarian aid for Syria this year to help millions of people affected by the country’s civil war and ease the pressure building up in neighboring countries overwhelmed by Syrian refugees. (..) “We have reached a stage in Syria where some of the people, if they do not get food from the World Food Program, they simply do not eat,” Muhannad Hadi, the program’s emergency coordinator in Syria, told reporters in Geneva. “If mothers do not get food on the promised day that we deliver food,” Mr. Hadi said, “then there is nothing for them to cook for their children. Their children will go to bed on an empty stomach.”

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