Madagascar: Appeal launched despite political uncertainty

Published on 07 April 2009

Despite international condemnation of a recent coup-style change of government, aid agencies have appealed for over US$35.7 million "to prevent the deterioration of the humanitarian situation", according to the 2009 Madagascar Flash Appeal for funds launched by the Madagascar Humanitarian Country Team on 7 April. [...] The appeal document estimated that the combined crises had increased the number of people needing humanitarian aid to an estimated 2.5 million, mainly in the urban centres, with an additional 880,000 in the drought-affected south needing assistance. Krystyna Bednarska, head of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) in Madagascar, said: "WFP's food resourcing shortfall to address immediate food needs in the drought-affected south and the urban centres is around USD13 million." Food insecurity in the south is expected to deteriorate even more, while the lack of rain is expected to delay the next harvest by three months, and reduce it to by up to 40 percent.

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