Mother Rescued From Slide Into Severe Malnutrition

Published on 15 March 2012

When she was enrolled in the programme six weeks ago, Namuding’s mid upper arm circumference (known to nutritionists as her ‘MUAC’) measured 20.3 cm. Now it is 21.3 cm. According to WFP nutritionist Joyce Owigar, a pregnant or nursing mother with a MUAC of less than 20 cm is severely malnourished. “Namuding has improved from being almost severely malnourished to moderately malnourished,” she said. The programme through which Namuding receives her rations of Super Cereal targets people who are already certified as malnourished. (..) Alongside the nutrition programmes, the European Union (either through individual member countries or through ECHO, the humanitarian arm of the EU) is also supporting other WFP-run programmes for people affected by drought in northern Kenya.

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