Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Mauritania SO 200406

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This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision  (see below).

The shortage of rain during 2011 has caused a significant drop in the agricultural production and fodder for animals in the Sahel region of West Africa. In Mauritania this has resulted in a food crisis affecting approximately 700,000 people, located mainly in Hodh Echargui, Guidmagha, Gorgol and Assaba.  Coupled with this has been the mass movement of refugees from Mali as a result of armed clashes. These two events have led to humanitarian organizations scaling up operations in order to address the immediate needs of beneficiaries.



  Mauritania, located in the arid Sahel region of West Africa, is one of the world’s least developed countries. The population numbers 3 million, and the country is ranked 137 out of 177 in the 2008 UNDP Human Development Index....