Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Response to the Earthquake in Haiti

About this Operation

Operation Documents

This Operation has been modified and extended in time until 31 March 2011 as per Budget revision 1 (see below). 

This WFP /United Nations Humanitarian Air Services (UNHAS) special operation is established to facilitate the earthquake response through air transportation of humanitarian personnel, food, medicines and other relief items on behalf of the humanitarian community, to the areas rendered inaccessible by surface transport.

Through this operation, WFP will manage six aircraft; four fixed-wing aircraft and two heavy-lift helicopters based either in Haiti or in Dominican Republic. A staging area will be established in Dominican Republic to circumvent congestion in Port-au-Prince airport and to ensure organized flow of supplies according to priorities.



On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquake that left more than 220,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and millions displaced. Between January and April 2010, WFP provided emergency food assistance through general food distributions to some 4 million Haitians in Port-au-Prince and earthquake-affected areas. A year and a half after t...