Published on 03 September 2009

Somalia faces its worst humanitarian crisis in 18 years amid an escalating civil war that threatens to push the country into further deteriorations in food security and nutrition status of the people. Results of a country-wide comprehensive inter-agency assessment, led by FAO Food Security Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNU) with the participation of WFP, confirms that the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is widespread and severe with half of the population in humanitarian crisis. Seventy five percent of them are concentrated in south and central Somalia, where the fighting is greatest and which are most inaccessible to humanitarian operations. One in five Somali children is acutely malnourished and one in twenty is severely malnourished. The number of internally displaced people has increased by more than 40 percent since January 2009.  Whereas WFP efforts to sustain food assistance interventions for 3.5 million vulnerable Somalis are critically jeopardized by funding shortfall of US$189 million from September 2009hrough March 2010.