Support for Food-Based Education Programming in Syria

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This operation has been modified and extended in timefrom June 2011 to June 2012, to facilitate a hand-over to the Government by that time;

In rural Syria, drop-out rates are reaching as high as 45 percent because children leave school to work or to participate in traditional seasonal migration. Female children are also removed from education for early marriages or because their families do not value education for girls.

In the past, WFP-assisted food-for-education (FFE) projects have significantly reduced the drop-out and absentee rates. However, the technical  capacities to successfully manage FFE were not available in the Government at the time, which led it to end FFE after WFP assistance was withdrawn.

This project consolidates much of the successful work for women (i.e. literacy, small micro-enterprise development), integrates sustainable FFE, and prepares the Government, through technical capacity-building, to fully manage the project after three years. It also integrates the Swedish Trust Fund activity ‘Safety Nets for Rural Syrian Women’ which will be fully financed by the Government after the second year of the project.



Since the onset of the conflict in Iraq in 2003, Syria continues to host the largest Iraqi refugee population in the region....