Unreliable information worsens food crises

Published on 03 March 2009

There is a need to integrate and harmonize information on food security matters as a requisite to contain escalating world food crises in Africa and Latin America, participants in a National Policy Dialogue on Managing and Preventing World Food Crisis have said. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Programme Leader, Dr Suresh Babu, told participants in Dar es Salaam today that recent studies in developing countries and Latin America had indicated policy makers and leaders lack sufficient information to gauge the likely effects of global food crises in their countries. [...] A coordinator, Tanzania/Japan Food Aid Counterpart Fund which is under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives, Dr Wilbald Lorri, said countries like Tanzania need to have a well coordinated and harmonized mechanism on food security matters. He said that all key stakeholders such as National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Tanzania Bureau of Statistics (TBS) and International agencies such as FAO and World food Programme (WFP), should ensure the information gathered in the field is relevant, reliable, consistent and useful.

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