US wants Myanmar out of isolation

Published on 02 April 2009

The United States wants to forge a common strategy with Asia to coax military-run Myanmar out of isolation, a senior official said yesterday, suggesting six-way talks with North Korea could be a model. President Barack Obama’s administration has launched a review of policy on Myanmar, also known as Burma, where a US official last week paid the first visit by a senior envoy in more than seven years. [...] Meanwhile, the US government donated 16,000 tons of rice to typhoon-ravaged Irrawaddy delta yesterday, prompting the normally hostile state-run media to the cover the news, an official of the US Embassy in Yangon confirmed. “There were five journalists from Ministry of Information who joined our trip for the first time,” the official said. The trip was led Larry Dinger, the deputy chief of mission, and included officials from the World Food Programme. The donated rice was imported from the US, sources said.

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