WFP Involves Community In Development

Published on 25 June 2014

Lena (June 23) – To ensure the involvement of Basotho in the development of their lives, the World Food Programme (WFP) will introduce a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) project in August.

This was revealed by WFP Programme Officer Abdi Hassan at a meeting in which Maseru District Administration (DA) was updated about the programme on Monday.

He noted that the project will have a community-based participatory planning approach in which the community will decide what needs to be done to improve their lives.

He indicated that this project is expected to benefit the community as they will be the ones working hard to achieve their goals.

He highlighted that this needs their commitment as well as ownership to ensure sustainability of the project.

Mr. Hassan pointed out that, depending on the nature of this project, all the ministries as well as some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - the Red Cross and World Vision - will be working in collaboration with WFP.

He further said during the period of the project there will be a need for a strong coordination mechanism to report the progress met and challenges faced.

He noted that the project will empower vulnerable people by providing them with equipment and non-food assets which will help them overcome poverty in their areas.

Speaking at the event, Maseru DA Major General Samuel Makoro said this is a great initiative expected to empower vulnerable Basotho.

He thanked WFP for coordinating it and for briefing his office, expressing hope that they will further be updated on further developments.

He urged Basotho to work effectively together with WFP and other lined ministries as well as the NGOs.

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