WFP Logistics Augmentation in support of the humanitarian response in Mauritania as a result of the drought and refugee crisis within country

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The Sahel region of West Africa was severely affected by a drought during the 2011 growing season. As a result of this drought, Mauritania has seen a reduction in its agricultural production, as well as a decrease in available grazing land for domestic livestock. Therefore, in order to provideenough food for its population, the Government has been forced to rely on the importation of staple food products. Coupled with this, there has been a rise in fuel prices. These issues combined are threatening the food security of already vulnerable segments of the population. In addition, there has been an influx of refugees from Mali into the south-eastern part of Mauritania straining further limited resources. 



  Mauritania, located in the arid Sahel region of West Africa, is one of the world’s least developed countries. The population numbers 3 million, and the country is ranked 137 out of 177 in the 2008 UNDP Human Development Index....