Yemen Under Threat From World Food Crisis

Published on 11 January 2009

The ancient civilization that thrived in the mountain valleys of Yemen was famed for cultivating bountiful crops with a system of cisterns and aqueducts, but today the country is threatened with a major food crisis that experts fear could destabilize the poor neighbor of the Middle East's oil and banking giants. In remote villages, families are regularly skipping meals and spending over two-thirds of their income on food due to high international prices, forcing some to pull children out of school because they cannot afford it, according to a recent assessment by the World Food Program. "All they've got in some villages is bread and tea and that's all they're feeding their children," said Adam Taylor-Awni, a consultant involved in the WFP study. And noting that a majority of Yemenis live in remote rural villages, he added: "There aren't mechanisms in place to get food to people."

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