Published on 04 November 2008

As of 24 October 2008, nearly 4 million people were registered (all categories, eligible for food assistance or not) under the Vulnerable Group Feeding Programme (VGF). Registrations and verifications are still ongoing; however, it is evident that the number of people eligible for assistance and confirmed to be in the worst categories (1 and 2) is higher than initially anticipated.
As of 24 October 2008, over 800,000 people had received food aid under VGF. The target is to scale up distributions each week in October 2008 to reach a total of 1.8 million beneficiaries by the end of the month.
Based on the May CFSAM result, a total of 1.2 million mt of commodities needs to be imported this year to cover the needs of the population. Presently, approximately 435,000 mt have been imported; 175,000 mt by GoZ and 260,000 mt have been resourced by the international community. The estimated cereal deficit in the country is 800,000 mt.