Overview of the Food Security

January to March is the peak hunger season of the 2013-14 consumption year when 2.2 million people (or 25 percent of the rural population) would be food insecure

by the end of the quarter of which WFP is targeting 1.8 million people (Figure 1).


At peak in March 2014, the highest prevalence of rural food insecurity is projected in the southern and western half of the country. Matebeleland North Province will lead

at 40%, followed by Masvingo Province (33%), Matebeleland South (32%) and Midlands Province (31%).


Of the top 10 food insecure districts with 40% rural food insecurity and above at peak, eight (8) are in these four provinces.


Between January and March 2014, household food access is expected to increase with anticipated expansion in the coverage of food and cash assistance programs.

As a result of assistance, Minimal (IPC Phase 1!) and Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) outcomes are expected to continue in parts of the south and west.