WFP Activities

Since 1986, WFP has been actively providing support to Western Sahara Refugees in Algeria. In 2012, WFP will assist the most vulnerable refugees through the following activities:

General Food Distributions consisting of general food rations plus supplementary general rations per month, as agreed between WFP, UNHCR and the local authorities. These rations are distributed to the most vulnerable refugees, in order to meet their basic food needs and help support their livelihoods.

After more than two decades of continuous collaboration with WFP, distributions take place safely within the camps themselves. The organization level of distributions that has been reached by beneficiaries is remarkable. Most of the responsibility chain is composed of women and beneficiaries are organised into groups of members living in the same barrio. The head of the each group is in charge of receiving the food at the distribution point and allocating it to the respective families.

Nutrition and supplementary feeding programme targeting malnourished and food insecure refugees.  Currently, the Mother and Child Health and Nutrition activity, a regular supplementary feeding activity, benefits pregnant and lactating women and moderately acute malnourished children under 5. WFP provides Corn Soya Blend (CSB), sugar and vegetable oil rations to the mothers and children.

School feeding, a WFP activity that provides a mid morning meal of date bars with dry skimmed milk to school children.  The children, 51% of whom are girls, are ages 6 to 16 and attend a number of primary schools in the camps.  The school feeding activity is a safety net mechanism and an incentive to maintain enrolment of children in schools.  It aims to reduce short term hunger among the students to increase their concentration during lessons and to enhance their learning abilities.

In 2012, school feeding will be reoriented towards the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies among school children. Punctual interventions in rehabilitation of stores, kitchen and sanitary facilities in the schools will be included in the operation.

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Threats to food security
  • Social instability
  • Insecurity
  • Low agricultural technologies
  • Desert environment
  • Occasional torrential rains