Food for Assets
15 February 2012

In Bikekneno, a small village in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, Food-For-Asset activities inspire people to hope for a hunger-free future.

2 December 2011
As part of government efforts to address nutrition issues in Indonesia, WFP’s provision of fortified biscuits has helped double attendance rates at health centres in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province
Nutrition, School Meals
26 August 2011

In Indonesia, a new approach to school meals is doing more than just ensuring kids get something healthy to eat every day.

School Meals
23 June 2011

WFP's School Feeding Programme has been helping school girls like Imelda get a daily ration of fortified biscuits at school.

10 June 2011

This weekend, leaders from the world of big business gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the World Economic Forum East Asia. The World Food Programme was there too, keen to build on existing partnerships and explore new opportunities for partners in the global fight against world hunger. Go to our blog

School Meals
18 November 2010

Armana may seem like a regular elementary school student in SDN Filial, North Lombok. He goes to school and receive WFP’s high nutrient biscuits everyday. He goes home to his family and spends the whole afternoon with them at home. But little that other people know, Armana possesses a great humanitarian spirit as a young boy who has a less fortunate life and a heavy load on his back.

Logistics, Tsunami emergency (2004)
30 June 2010

A successful operation to bolster Indonesian ports after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami wraps up in July with a hand-off of means and supplies to local authorities. The WFP Logistics Support Unit trained over 232 port managers and set the ball rolling on a new degree programme at a local university.

Food Security Analysis, Nutrition
25 May 2010

A new Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas drawn up by the Indonesian government and WFP provides a precise map of food insecurity across the Asian nation, enabling better targeting of interventions against hunger.

Earthquakes, Emergencies
8 October 2009

Despite huge logistics challenges, WFP has started distributing food to people affected by the powerful earthquake that hit Sumatra last week.

10 July 2007

Cargill has announced that it has committed US$3 million over three years in its global partnership with WFP to fund programmes to improve education and health and nutritional levels among school-age children in Bogor (West Java) and Madura (East Java).