The World Food Programme (WFP) supports food aid operations to the most vulnerable while establishing resilience to a country's overall food security. WFP's operations encompass:

Operations in Kyrgyzstan

10804.0Kyrgyzstan Winter Emergency Food Aid ResponseEmergency Operation (EMOP)
200158Food Support to Population Affected by the Conflict in the South of the Kyrgyz RepublicEmergency Operation (EMOP)
200159Support to Refugees in UzbekistanEmergency Operation (EMOP)
200165Logistics and telecommunications augmentation and coordination in support of relief operations in Kyrgyzstan and UzbekistanSpecial Operation (SO)
200176Optimising the primary school meals programme - Kyrgyz RepublicDevelopment Operation (DEV)
200662Support for National Productive Safety Nets and Long-Term Community ResilienceDevelopment Operation (DEV)

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