Food for Assets
16 September 2011

WFP assists vulnerable families throughout Myanmar through its Food-For-Training activities. The projects, designed to support and re-establish livelihoods, have knock-on benefits not just for those trained but also for their families and the wider community.

School Meals
12 September 2011

Since she started receiving WFP rations through WFP’s Food For Education programme, Yex attends school full time and dreams of becoming a nurse.

Food for Assets
21 April 2011

Cyclone Giri made landfall in Rakhine State on 22 October. In the aftermath of the disaster WFP and its partners distributed nearly 8,000mt to 200,000 affected people. WFP is now targeting over 92,000 people through Food For Work to rebuild embankments, ponds and roads.

School Meals
20 April 2011

Yan Jen is 11 years old and lives with her family in  Motai village in Shan State. Her parents are poor farmers who own a few acres of land and grow rice but not enough for the whole family to get through the lean season.

Food for Assets
20 April 2011

Every day of her life, Lu Nan walked for four hours to collect water for her family from the river. Sometimes her children came too, but they could only carry 20 litres on each trip as the path was difficult and Lu Nan had only one container.

Focus on Women, Nutrition
20 April 2011

 Li Wei Lin, a mother of five children from Par Wai Village in Kokang, told WFP that according to the Kokang tradition, women always come second after men. They are not allowed to talk in public places, nor travel out of the village.

6 August 2010

A cutting-edge new software package is helping rapid response teams be ready when disaster strikes. Known as DeMist, the programme simulates a wide range of emergencies, pitting aid workers in the same situations they face while responding to real-life crises.

Food for Assets, Hurricanes
2 December 2009

For people whose lives were wrecked last year by Cyclone Nargis, it can take a long time to pick up the pieces and start looking to the future. But 20-year-old Aye Aye Thin has managed. She's driving her community’s recovery forward by helping rebuild a key road. Watch video

14 July 2009

New Zealander Alastair Cook has been a WFP logistics officer since 2004, facing many challenging situations, including the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. He says the toughest job he's faced so far was in Kenya, after the election violence had spread terror among WFP beneficiaries.

Emergencies, Logistics, Nutrition
30 April 2009

Cyclone Nargis swept across southern Myanmar on the evening of 2 May, leaving a trail of death and destruction before tapering off the next day. The winds and tidal surge caused by the cyclone damaged much of the fertile Ayeyarwady delta, and Yangon, the nation's main city and former capital.