Food for Assets
9 December 2011

Raj Bahadur Malla, a farmer in western Nepal, has often seen his surplus rice and vegetables go to waste when he could have sold them at market if only there were a road to get them there. Soon there will be, thanks to an EU-supported project providing him and his neighbors with food while they clear a road to a nearby town.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
1 December 2011

Kanukura, 33, says that carrying water up the mountain slopes to her village used to be the hardest part of her day. It’s a job that mainly fell to women in this part of Nepal, who faced a backbreaking climb when they needed water. But that’s changed now, thanks to a new village tap, from which women like Kanukura can get  clean drinking water whenever they need it.

School Meals
11 October 2011

It was a long route to the top of Everest for Nim Doma Sherpa, but she reckons it started when her parents sent her to school simply to get the free lunches supplied by WFP. Nim Doma finally achieved her dream of climbing the highest mountain in the world in 2008.

Capacity Building, Food for Assets
4 July 2011

The United Nations World Food Programme Nepal, in partnership with Siddhartha Bank, is piloting a smart card cash transfer system for 484 food-insecure households in Pagnath VDC, in the Mid-West Hills district of Dailekh, through WFP’s Food- and Cash-For-Assets scheme.


Capacity Building
13 April 2011

The World Food Programme in conjunction with the Nepal Press Institute (NPI), held a two-day workshop in Nepalgunj to train local journalists on food security reporting in October 2010.

wfp journalist seminar

Capacity Building
12 April 2011

 Five candidates get new opportunities through WFP

Food Prices
19 March 2011

Rising food prices around the world have hit Nepal particularly hard, with the price of staples soaring and no respite in sight. For Nepalese rickshaw driver Binod Majhi, the price hikes have hurt his business and his ability to feed his family.

Focus on Women
14 February 2011

Nicole Menage, a New Yorker who recently took over as WFP's country director in Nepal, reckons she was pretty lucky with her choice of life partner. Her Italian husband Carlo Pandolfi put his career second to follow Nicole around the world, so she could pursue her career dreams with WFP.

2 September 2010

A year ago, 23 year-old primary school teacher Chandani Gurung would never have dreamed of the life and opportunities she has today, working for the United Nations in her home town in Dadeldhura, Far-Western Nepal.

16 August 2010

Every morning, ten year old Bimala Sarki walks five kilometres to attend school in Dadeldhura district, one of the most isolated areas in Far-Western Nepal. Yet like nearly 2000 school children all over the country, she has something to look forward to despite the arduous journey – learning on her laptop at school.