Hunger in the news

30 April 2010

The top U.N. aid official is calling for urgent action to deal with a growing food crisis in Niger that threatens more than half of the country's 14 million people.(..)The U.N. World Food Program has doubled the number of people it plans to feed in Niger and now expects to feed more than 1.5 million people in next month's general food distribution.

30 April 2010

The United Nations has appealed for urgent assistance for Niger as a hunger crisis takes hold of the country. At least 7.9 million people - more than half the population - are facing severe food shortages in the west African nation. The country, two-thirds of which is Sahara desert, has been blighted by erratic rains that have destroyed successive harvests.(..)The UN's World Food Programme is "redoubling" its food assistance to the country to try to stave off a repeat of the 2005 crisis when hundreds of thousands of children suffered severe malnutrition.

29 April 2010

A severe food emergency in Niger has prompted the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) to more than double its assistance to victims of this year’s drought in the eastern Sahel. As the West African country enters its lean season, WFP senior spokesperson in the United States, Jennifer Parmelee, says that $182 million is needed to relieve the food insecurity of more than half of the country’s population of 13.5 million.

28 April 2010

The United Nations World Food Program is more than doubling the number of people it is planning to feed in Niger, as a food crisis caused by drought in the eastern Sahel continues to spread.(..)"The lean season normally starts in Niger towards June and July and lasts until September or October, which is the harvest time. But this year because of the bad harvest last year, the lean season started much earlier," says Gianluca Ferrera, WFP's deputy director for Niger.

27 April 2010

U.N. humanitarian agencies sounded the alarm on Tuesday about a growing food crisis in the West African state of Niger, one of the world's poorest countries.(..)The WFP is doubling the number of people who receive its food aid under its relief programme to 2.3 million. It said it normally needs 3-4 months to deliver food to Niger, and immediate contributions would enable it to procure food in the region, such as in Nigeria.

27 April 2010

A Rome food agency says it is seeking to step up its operation in Niger and feed 2.3 million people-more than twice the number it previously helped. The World Food Program said Monday it was acting in response to continued drought in the eastern Sahel desert, which has destroyed harvests and scorched pastures, worsening the food crisis.

27 April 2010

An increasingly desperate search for food is driving a mass exodus from parched agricultural land in western Africa's Sahel region where the UN says up to 10 million people face hunger.(..)"We need to move quickly to provide a buffer for the people and government of Niger against the shock of a serious food crisis," said Thomas Yanga, WFP Regional Director for West Africa.

9 April 2010

Aid agencies are asking donors for US$133 million to help the government feed millions of people at risk of going hungry, adding to $57 million already received or committed.(..)UNICEF and WFP plan in the coming weeks to do blanket food distributions for 25,000 children between six and 23 months to help prevention malnutrition. WFP will also distribute basic foods to 1.5 million people in affected areas.

26 March 2010

The UN's World Food Programme said Thursday that it was preparing to more than double food aid to Niger, where famine is looming amid a poor harvest. Niger is becoming a "major humanitarian challenge" as the "last harvest was very bad due to a shortage of rain," said Josette Sheeran, executive director of the World Food Programme.

15 March 2010

IRIN has asked a range of experts over the past year why malnutrition is recurrent in Niger even after decades of donor support and government programmes. Two of the hardest-hit regions were focused on - Diffa, which has borders Chad, and Zinder, which borders Nigeria.