News release

16 May 2006

As household food stocks begin to run low across the Sahel region of West Africa, the United Nations World Food Programme today urged the international community to continue supporting programmes which mitigate the very worst effects of food shortages among the most vulnerable.

16 January 2006

WFP calls on the international community to rally strongly behind its efforts to tackle hunger and poverty in West Africa, the poorest region of the world.

30 December 2005

With a contribution of a 4 million euros from the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) for Pakistan, the European Commission (EC) provides its largest contribution since 1992 – some 214 million euros - to WFP operations around the globe in its effort to save lives and feed the hungry poor.

28 December 2005

The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, describes 2005 as the most challenging year the humanitarian aid world has faced since World War II, but also warns that the New Year will undoubtedly bring further emergencies and even greater demands on donors.

8 December 2005

Niamey With the unloading this week of the first in a series of 10 airlifts of emergency food aid to Niger, WFP has moved into the most critical phase of its emergency operation to feed 2.5 million people who are caught in the grip of severe food shortages.

7 December 2005

Dakar - WFP has announced plans to almost triple the number of people being fed through its Niger emergency operation to over a million, as the annual \'hunger season\' takes a firm and distressing grip on one of the world\'s poorest countries.

23 November 2005

WFP warns that unless the international community renews its commitment to deal with the consequences of this year’s food crisis in Niger, the country faces a second successive year of extreme suffering.

27 October 2005

As the world focuses on a series of massive natural disasters and the spread of avian influenza, hunger in Africa has quietly climbed to an all-time high, threatening to destabilize much of the continent, warns James T. Morris, Executive Director of WFP.

13 October 2005

Speaking on the occasion of World Food Day on 16 October, the Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, said that by the end of the day 6,241,512 people will have already died of hunger and related diseases so far this year