6 October 2006

When a massive earthquake struck Pakistan-administered Kashmir on 8th October 2005, anxious parents stopped sending their children to school. WFP's Amjad Jamal says that a WFP cooking oil ration is now making all the difference to attendance.

10 April 2006

With the help of WFP, Kashmiri women are taking their lives into their own hands and building a future from the ruins of the October earthquake. Caroline Chaumont tells us of their determination to piece their broken lives back together.

27 March 2006

Road conditions are a daily challenge for WFP food deliveries in Pakistan-administrated Kashmir. Claude-Andre Nadon, a Canadian mountain guide from the UN Office for Projects Services (UNOPS) went on a road assessment mission for WFP with his colleague, a Pakistani mountain guide, Rehmat Ali.

7 March 2006

Anwar Gul is a food aid monitor for WFP. He spends his days in the camps and villages where WFP delivers food to the survivors of the last October's South Asian earthquake. Here he reports on people's uncertain future.

6 March 2006

WFP has announced it will provide assistance for the recovery of the most needy and vulnerable part of the population affected by the earthquake that hit Pakistan last October.

28 November 2005

Aid workers in earthquake-hit Pakistan have found the help of the army indispensable, writes WFP spokesperson Robin Lodge, in an article which first appeared on the Guardian Unlimited website.

21 November 2005

Some 2.3 million people will require food assistance at least through April 2006, according to the latest emergency food security assessment conducted by WFP, UNICEF, and OXFAM.

14 November 2005

Teams of mountain experts known as 'Quake Jumpers' are being assembled to reach remote, earthquake-affected communities in Pakistan that aid workers have yet to access, and prepare them for the harsh Himalayan winter.