News release

17 July 2007

WFP has appealed for urgent contributions to avoid breaks in its supply line of food assistance to Somalia because of forecasts of crop failure.

22 June 2007

WFP today appealed to Kenyan authorities to allow food assistance on 140 trucks to cross into Somalia.

21 May 2007

WFP today appealed for high-level international action to stamp out piracy in waters off Somalia, warning that the flow of relief supplies to the country was under severe threat.

18 May 2007

WFP said a second round of food distributions started today to 122,500 people either driven from Mogadishu or who had recently returned but warned that a new spate of piracy threatened to strangle WFP’s main supply routes to Somalia.

26 April 2007

A convoy of trucks contracted by WFP has thrust out of Mogadishu and delivered enough food to feed at least 32,000 people driven from their homes by some of the worst fighting in the Somali capital in 16 years.

15 March 2007

James T. Morris, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), told a US Senate hearing on food aid Thursday that conquering hunger was critical to achieving peace and prosperity in the future.

12 March 2007

WFP and a Somali partner have started giving daily meals to tens of thousands of desperately hungry people in the capital Mogadishu -- the agency’s first ‘wet feeding’ in Somalia since the 1993 humanitarian emergency.

7 March 2007

Three United Nations agencies urge donors to support an appeal for a full package of assistance to cut malnutrition rates at crisis levels among children under five in refugee camps in Kenya. They warn that a host of problems linked with persistently high malnutrition had to be tackled now to save lives.

5 March 2007

WFP today said it was stepping up a drive to deliver food to almost 100,000 of the 365,000 people driven from their homes in Mogadishu by the worst fighting in 16 years. WFP expects the number could quickly rise to as many as 150,000.

26 February 2007

WFP has announced that the MV Rozen, a WFP-contracted vessel, was hijacked off the coast of north-eastern Somalia, somewhere near Bargal, north of Hafun in the state of Puntland at around 0935 yesterday, Sunday, 25 February 2007.