Hunger in the news

4 December 2009

The Cabinet yesterday approved an MOU submitted by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to come to an agreement with the World Food Programme for the provision of grant assistance of USUSD 134,907,780 to implement WFP food aid programme in Sri Lanka.

10 November 2009

Australia pledged Rs. 1.1 billion (11 million Australian dollars) today for acitivities connected with the resettlement of displaced persons in the north (..). Rs 633 million has been allocated for demining, Rs. 316 million for UN habitat to resettlement and Rs. 211 million for the World Food Programme to provide rations for the displaced.

2 November 2009

The Government has so far resettled a total of 81,301 Internally Displaced Persons and the resettlement of the remaining 186,000 will be undertaken swiftly once de-mining is complete (..). The Minister said besides rations for six months under the World Food Programme, the Government was giving seeds for cultivation and granting a subsidy for fertilizer.

8 October 2009

Malnutrition in IDP children has decreased significantly during the past five months and severe acute malnutrition has gone down by 50 percent. (..) According to the WFP Representative to Sri Lanka, Adnan Khan the WFP will stand by the Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry to achieve more goals in IDP healthcare and continue its support, to provide food for IDPs.

7 September 2009

Now that the war is over we are getting contradictory reports on the situation in Sri Lanka. (..) Adnan Khan, country director of the World Food Program, confirms that “food supplies have never been affected by access restrictions.” He said his people were able to move freely within the camps.

13 August 2009

The government of Sri Lanka is planning to resettle 75,000 Internally Displaced Persons to their original areas of residence (..) The government plans to provide the returnees with care packages consisting of shelter materials, cash grants equivalent to $220 with additional subsidies for farmers, and a six-month food supply, including USAID/FFP commodities distributed by the U.N. World Food Program (WFP).

10 August 2009

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a new donation of $15 million of food aid to support the early return of people displaced by war in Sri Lanka’s north. Consisting of wheat, lentils and vegetable oil, USAID’s second shipment of vital food aid this year will be consigned to the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

4 August 2009

The Executive Director of the World Food Programme, (WFP), has approved a budget increase of US $ 17.09 million for the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRRO) for Sri Lanka by bringing the total budget of the PRRO to US $ 134.9 million for the year 2009.

28 July 2009

A top United States official Monday visited the most presentable of the squalid, militarized camps in which Sri Lanka has interned three hundred thousand Tamils. (..) Meanwhile, the Director of US AID Sri Lanka, Rebecca Cohn, announced a donation of an $8 million and the provision of nearly 30 million food aid to the World Food Programme.

23 July 2009

The World Food Programme (WFP) and about a dozen other INGO/NGOs are helping the government provide three meals a day to nearly 300,000 internally displaced persons accommodated at welfare centres in the north. Well informed sources told The Island that the WFP with the help of international donors had taken the responsibility to supply rice, flour, sugar, dhal, salt and vegetable oil to welfare centres managed by the Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services Ministry. Sources said though the government had provided cooked meals to people reaching the government-held area initially, the WFP subsequently stepped-in with food aid.