Purchase for Progress
30 April 2015

Purchase for Progress (P4P) focuses on strengthening the capacity of farmers’ organizations (FO) to aggregate and sell commodities to quality buyers, such as WFP. Through partnerships with the government, indigenous and international NGOs, and others, P4P has provided smallholder farmers with the necessary training and equipment to increase their production, improve crop quality and strengthen FO marketing capacity.

Purchase for Progress
17 November 2014
Almost one third of the local farming production in sub-Saharan Africa is lost every year due to inadequate post-harvest management and household storage. In Uganda, WFP and its partners are combining their efforts to dramatically reduce these losses through a post-harvest loss reduction initiative.
P4P Stories from the field
30 October 2014

WFP-supported saving schemes in Uganda are enabling farmers to readily access cash, thereby reducing the likelihood of them having to sell their produce at a lower price to meet their immediate needs.

30 October 2014

Last month, disaster preparedness and response staff of the Government of Uganda and staff from ten humanitarian agencies participated in a WFP supported simulation exercise to gauge Uganda's readiness to handle a sudden onset of disaster.

Refugees and IDPs
4 July 2014

Tens of thousands of refugees from South Sudan are arriving in transit camps and settlements in Uganda. Although they have found safety, food is their number one priority.

Cash and Vouchers
19 June 2014

Despite it being a damp and cloudy day, WFP brought sunshine to the refugee settlement in Kiryandongo recently as they began their first cash distributions.  WFP’s objective in giving a cash option is to empower the refugees in meeting their families’ food and nutrition needs.


11 February 2014

The dream of independence in the new country of South Sudan was shattered with the outbreak of fierce fighting in mid-December 2013. Tens of thousands of people fled to safety in neighbouring countries, particularly Uganda. WFP is providing food for the newly arriving refugees – people like Nyanwuor, a pregnant woman with three young children who tells her story below.

Refugees and IDPs
29 November 2013

In Uganda, the World Food Programme has been helping refugees from the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for years. In recent months, as conflict flared again, more desperate families crossed the border. WFP provides life-saving hot food and monthly rations in transit camps and settlements, enabling refugees to work on improving their own situations. 

Facts and Figures
18 June 2013

Uganda loses some US $899 million annually due to the effects of malnutrition. This is the alarming finding of a new study entitled The Cost of Hunger in Africa, which for the first time measures the economic burden of hunger on the continent. Uganda is the first of 12 countries in the region to announce its findings.

Refugees and IDPs
6 March 2013

When three Congolese asylum seekers arrive at a transit camp in Uganda, first things come first. At the transit camp and beyond, for as long as asylum seekers and refugees are not able to provide for themselves, WFP support remains important.