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11 July 2010

Hunger and malnutrition are widespread in the country and require urgent intervention. WFP's recent Comprehensive Food Security Survey found that one in three Yemenis is acutely hungry, making Yemen the 11th most food insecure country in the world.

Focus on Women, Gender, School Meals
23 June 2010

In May 2010, WFP and the Ministry of Education distributed food to more than 80,200 school girls and their 562,000 family members in poor, rural areas across Yemen. The programme is making a real difference for vulnerable families by helping them meet their food needs and acting as an incentive to send girls to primary and secondary school.

Focus on Women
2 April 2010

At least 250,000 people fled their homes during the recent conflict in northern Yemen. Many are now in WFP-supported camps such as Al Mazraq, where despite the ceasefire they are too scared to return home. Two women in the camp told WFP’s Abeer Etefa their stories. Video

18 February 2010

Families displaced by recent fighting in northern Yemen are following the news on a recently declared ceasefire closely, hoping they can soon return home. For now, they are surviving on food assistance. But with funds dwindling, those rations are under threat.

Emergencies, Food Prices
12 January 2010

Fatima and her family are among the tide of people displaced by the fighting which broke out in northern Yemen last year. Although she’s in a barren camp for displaced people, Fatima counts herself lucky as she can at least bake bread for her family.

Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
13 August 2009

A five-year conflict pitting government forces against rebels in northern Yemen has caused widespread suffering and displaced tens of thousands of people. Their plight worsened recently when WFP was forced to halve rations due to lack of funds.

29 October 2008

WFP has airlifted 17 metric tons of high energy biscuits to help people displaced by a tropical storm which struck Yemen last Thursday causing 180 deaths and many more injuries.

28 September 2007

WFP has welcomed US government contributions in September totaling US$110.7 million for the hungry poor in 11 countries from Latin America to Asia. Nearly half the resources were targeted to Sudan, home to WFP’s single-largest operation in the world.

20 September 2006

Perched on the edge of the Red Sea, Yemen is almost forgotten as wars rage in the Middle East and drought brings nearby east Africa to its knees. Anne Lassen, a WFP intern, looks at why hunger is rife in this poverty-stricken country yet rarely makes it into the international headlines.