5 November 2012

As snow starts to fall in north-eastern Afghanistan, WFP is rushing to provide food supplies to communities that will be cut off in the winter months.

Capacity Building, Nutrition, Purchase for Progress
17 October 2012

Today, WFP celebrates World Food Day in Afghanistan along with its sister agency, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. This year the emphasis is on supporting agricultural cooperatives and farmers’ organizations.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
30 September 2012

Giving Afghan women the chance to learn marketable skills is one way to help Afghanistan on the road to peace and stability, as well as food security.

Climate Change
25 September 2012

Can a trek in the mountains of Afghanistan contribute to building peace in the country? The World Food Programme and its sister agencies, brought together at a special event for International Peace Day, believe it can.

19 September 2012

If the job “HR Officer” conjures up images of paper-pushing nay-sayers epitomised by the Evil Catbert character on Dilbert… think again. Filomena Zukauskaite talks about the laughter, tears and piercing questions from her young daughter that are all in a day's work for a WFP HR Officer in Afghanistan.

School Meals
11 September 2012

Gul Seema, 13, wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Now that she is able to come to school, her natural intelligence is starting to shine through and a medical career seems entirely possible. She’s a classic example of how a school meals programme can unlock possibilities for poor children.

15 August 2012

After winning the 2012 WFP Merit Award for her work in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, Lourdes Ibarra recently started a new challenging job as the Head of WFP's Herat Area Office in Afghanistan. On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Lourdes talks about the difficulties and rewards of her career as a humanitarian worker. This article first appeared in the Huffington Post.

Purchase for Progress
27 July 2012

From the outside they look like seven ordinary white shipping containers. But step inside, and you discover a miniature biscuit factory that can be taken apart like pieces of Lego, shipped to Afghanistan, and then reassembled to produce high energy biscuits for hungry Afghan school children.

24 July 2012

A photo of a daring manoeuvre by a truck driver in Afghanistan recently became the most popular item ever posted by WFP on Facebook. Spokesperson Silke Buhr spoke to the man behind the camera and the man behind the wheel. See the post

24 July 2012

A flash flood in Kabul recently destroyed the homes of hundreds of families. WFP was quick to come to their aid.