21 June 2012

Facing a double whammy of natural disasters -- drought in 2011 and floods in 2012 -- in the northern region, Public Information Officer Assadullah Azhari explains what WFP is doing to help thousands of flood-affected communities in the country.

Focus on Women
21 May 2012

WFP food rations can be an incentive for families to send women on training courses, where they learn how to read and write as well as basic marketable crafts. Enjila Hashimi spoke to women on a course in Kabul to find out what difference such a food-for-training activity had made in their lives.

Focus on Women
10 May 2012

As many countries around the world prepare to celebrate Mother's Day, Public Information Officer Silke Buhr reflects on some of the challenges faced by women in Afghanistan.

2 May 2012

A convoy of WFP trucks braved mountain passes and precarious road conditions to deliver food to schools in remote villages in central Afghanistan that had been cut off during the harsh winter.

24 April 2012

Through an emergency humanitarian assistance operation, WFP is addressing food shortages affecting drought-affected communities in 14 northern provinces of Afghanistan. In Jawzjan province, WFP has worked with the local Community Development Council to identify those who most required assistance, and recently distributed food for 175 families in one district.

Food for Assets
10 April 2012

A food-for-assets project in Eastern Afghanistan provides displaced people and widows the chance to earn a living - while helping to make the country green.

25 March 2012

Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of tuberculosis infection in the world. Nutritional support is essential in enabling patients to take-up treatment and improving treatment success.

25 March 2012

In addition to providing air support to more than 160 aid and donor agencies in Afghanistan, the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) is working with aviation staff on recommended international standards.

Purchase for Progress
14 March 2012

A factory in Kabul has begun producing fortified cookies for WFP school meal programmes in Afghanistan.

13 February 2012

In northern Afghanistan, WFP is distributing food to people who lost their harvest last year due to drought.