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Emergency food assistance to displaced population of Syrian Armenians

The ongoing fighting between Government forces and opposition groups in the Syrian Arab Republic has forced Syrians of ethnic Armenian origin to leave their homes in Aleppo and Damascus.

According to the Armenian Government, as of mid-2013 some 8,000 Syrian Armenians had fled to Armenia from the violence in Syria. The situation for the majority of Armenian Syrians has deteriorated over time, as many were not able to find employment upon arrival in Armenia, and consequently, have depleted their assets.

The Government and all stakeholders are engaged in an effort to provide both: (i) immediate support through relief and safety nets and (ii) assistance with the integration of the Syrian Armenian population into Armenian society. This WFP emergency operation (EMOP) will provide food assistance to vulnerable Syrian Armenians, further to the request from the Armenian Ministry of the Diaspora, the Government body tasked with the implementation and coordination of assistance to Syrian Armenians.

The goal is to meet immediate food needs, while curbing the negative coping strategies of a population that sustained multiple shocks over the previous two years.

The objectives of this EMOP are aligned with WFP Strategic Objective 1 “Save lives and protect livelihoods in emergencies”, specifically to: • maintain food security; and • protect livelihoods and help prevent the depletion of assets. 

This EMOP will cover six months of food assistance, from July to December 2013 and will provide immediate support to Syrian Armenians while the Government puts in place a strategy and programme for their sustainable integration.

Should the situation deteriorate further and the number of vulnerable Syrian Armenians in Armenia increase, the requirements and transfer modality will be reassessed and the budget adjusted in line with developments and needs.

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Threats to food security
  • Occasional severe earthquakes
  • Deforestation
  • Increased desertification
  • Soil erosion
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  • Seasonal fluctuations in food availability