School Meals
6 July 2011

 Nine-year-old Naeem and his mother, who works in the textile industry, live by themselves in a tiny one-room shack in Dhaka’s Mirpur slum area.

Food Prices
8 April 2011

Farmer Mohammed Golam Quddus sold several cows to meet his family's extra expenses. Fisherman Mantu Mandol sent his four-year-old daughter to live with her grandmother when he could not afford to feed her. And widow Zamdashi Shardar's children sometimes go to bed hungry.

14 October 2010

Ghana, Guatemala, Bangladesh and Cape Verde are just a few of the countries where national governments, working with WFP and others, are taking effective steps to fight hunger themselves. WFP is marking World Food Day this year by spotlighting these successes and the importance of partnerships.

Capacity Building, Focus on Women, Food for Assets
24 June 2010

27 May 2010

Speaking at the Bangladesh Food Security Investment Forum in Dhaka recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stressed that agricultural development must be accompanied by renewed efforts to tackle the problems of undernutrition and food access, if sustainable food security is to be achieved in Bangladesh.

School Meals
1 March 2010

English cricketing stars took time out from their tour of Bangladesh for a match against children from a primary school in Dhaka who receive food assistance from WFP.  The visit was part of the ongoing Cricket Against Hunger partnership.

Nutrition, School Meals
10 February 2010

In schools across Bangladesh, WFP is using conjuring tricks to make poor children laugh… and learn about health and nutrition. The new Enter-educate Magic Shows in 100 schools will also dazzle students and their parents with the benefits of school meals.


Focus on Women, Nutrition
23 December 2009

Britain’s star chef Tommy Miah went to the Kutupalong refugee camp recently to help show women inhabitants the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet. While there, he gave a demonstration of how best to use the ingredients available in the camp.

Ambassadors & Celebrities, Climate Change, Food for Assets, School Meals
18 December 2009

WFP’s first Chinese Ambassador Against Hunger, the legendary gymnast Li Ning, visited Bangladesh recently to meet some of the 400,000 women and children who have received China's help through WFP.

Climate Change, Floods, Focus on Women, Food for Assets
21 September 2009

For Samya Begum, hunger is never far away. She lives in a part of Bangladesh that is prone to flooding and a heavy monsoon can be the difference between having food and not having it. She is an example of why climate is a hunger issue and why climate change will produce more hunger.