Cash and Vouchers, Focus on Women
3 July 2012

This article originally appeared in print in the German magazine, Maxi, for its July 2012 edition.  All text and photos are by David Weyand. What follows below is the full article, translated from German.

7 December 2011

Fresh water used to be a rare find in the coastal Khulna region of Bangladesh where floods frequently brought salt water inland, killing crops and contaminating wells. Women like Kirtonia had to walk for hours in search of clean drinking water. But thanks to a new embankment, Kirtonia's life has changed.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
3 December 2011

In Shahinoor’s household there were days when she struggled to put even one meal on the family table. She and her husband are among Bangladesh’s ultra-poor; those with no land, no assets and little hope of breaking out of hunger and poverty. But a new programme to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of Bangladeshi women has transformed her life.

Nutrition, School Meals
10 August 2011

Nine year old Ferdousi is a student at Vasentec School in Mirpur Slum in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Like many people living in the slum, Ferdousi and her family struggle daily to eat a healthy diet. 

School Meals
10 August 2011

Most ultra-poor families in Bangladesh skip meals, and children living in single-parent families are twice as likely to go without. That is something ten-year-old Al-Amin, who lives in Vasantec slum in Dhaka, experiences almost every day of his life. 

School Meals
13 July 2011

In Bangladesh, the World Food Programme is using the skills of a magician to help teach valuable life lessons on nutrition and hygiene among children attending WFP-supported schools and learning centres. WFP's Emamul Haque and Farina Noiret went along to find out more.

School Meals
6 July 2011

 Nine-year-old Naeem and his mother, who works in the textile industry, live by themselves in a tiny one-room shack in Dhaka’s Mirpur slum area.

Food Prices
8 April 2011

Farmer Mohammed Golam Quddus sold several cows to meet his family's extra expenses. Fisherman Mantu Mandol sent his four-year-old daughter to live with her grandmother when he could not afford to feed her. And widow Zamdashi Shardar's children sometimes go to bed hungry.

14 October 2010

Ghana, Guatemala, Bangladesh and Cape Verde are just a few of the countries where national governments, working with WFP and others, are taking effective steps to fight hunger themselves. WFP is marking World Food Day this year by spotlighting these successes and the importance of partnerships.

Capacity Building, Focus on Women, Food for Assets
24 June 2010