16 May 2013

Amid roaring winds and dark clouds on the horizon as Cyclone Mahasen rolls in, WFP staff in Bangladesh and Myanmar stand ready to respond where necessary.

Food for Assets
4 April 2013

Few places are more exposed to Mother Nature than the small settlements on the low lying coastal plains of southern Bangladesh. To help communities cope with the next storm or cyclone, WFP is working with the government to support projects that raise homes above the flood level and dig canals and ponds for farming.

Climate Change, Nutrition
29 March 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? Each month between April and June 2013, we'll be unveiling a new "key" through a short film - and we want you to discover them with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, we're also giving away some limited edition WFP Moleskine notebooks. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

Cash and Vouchers, Climate Change, Floods, Focus on Women, Nutrition
6 March 2013

In Patharghata, one of the most disaster-affected areas on Bangladesh’s southern coastal belt, WFP helps communities increase their resilience to natural disasters and the effects of climate change. In the process, the participants, most of them women, gain much more than resilient homes: they increase their knowledge and awareness about these weather-related hazards, boost their income and invest in their future.

Nutrition, School Meals
1 October 2012

dhaka men and women with sports equipment

WFP oversees a handover of sports equipment from the International Olympic Committee to Dhaka schools.

Nutrition, School Meals
1 October 2012

On their first visit to Bangladesh, a Chinese delegation visited two slum schools in Dhaka with WFP to see School Feeding Programme.

Cash and Vouchers, Focus on Women
3 July 2012

This article originally appeared in print in the German magazine, Maxi, for its July 2012 edition.  All text and photos are by David Weyand. What follows below is the full article, translated from German.

7 December 2011

Fresh water used to be a rare find in the coastal Khulna region of Bangladesh where floods frequently brought salt water inland, killing crops and contaminating wells. Women like Kirtonia had to walk for hours in search of clean drinking water. But thanks to a new embankment, Kirtonia's life has changed.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
3 December 2011

In Shahinoor’s household there were days when she struggled to put even one meal on the family table. She and her husband are among Bangladesh’s ultra-poor; those with no land, no assets and little hope of breaking out of hunger and poverty. But a new programme to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of Bangladeshi women has transformed her life.

Nutrition, School Meals
10 August 2011

Nine year old Ferdousi is a student at Vasentec School in Mirpur Slum in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Like many people living in the slum, Ferdousi and her family struggle daily to eat a healthy diet.