Cash and Vouchers, Capacity Development, Climate Change, Emergencies, Floods, Focus on Women, Food for Assets, General Food Distribution, NGOs, Nutrition, School Meals
25 November 2013

Throughout 2012 and 2013, WFP continued to engage in dialogue, evidence creation, food security and nutrition programmes, and capacity support to the Government of Bangladesh to help the poorest of the poor in improving their household food security and children’s nutrition. This report outlines the programmes and activities supported by WFP in Bangladesh, and the impact they have had on the people and communities assisted.

Climate Change, Floods, Focus on Women, Food for Assets
26 September 2012

Bangladesh is one of the most at-risk countries to climate change and natural disasters. The poor are the hardest hit. The ER programme offers cash and food for work and training to women and men in vulnerable communities for the planning and building of community assets such as embankments, roads, and canals.