Food for Assets
29 April 2013

A Cash for Assets project in Burkina Faso is helping farmers improve their food security status. Under the project, community members receive cash to purchase locally available food in exchange for work on vital new infrastructure, in this case, for rice cultivation. 

28 March 2013

After fleeing her home in Mali, Dizawahet, 23, is about to give birth to her third child at a refugee camp in Burkina Faso. That's where she was born as well during another conflict in Mali that drove her parents across the same border. Dizawahet says she's grateful for the help families like hers receive at the camp, but that what she really wants is to go home.

Refugees and IDPs
22 March 2013

WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin visited Burkina Faso this month to look at the situation in the West African country one year after the region was hit by a severe food and nutrition crisis. WFP reached some 1.5 million people in Burkina with emergency food assistance as part of its response to  the region-wide Sahel crisis. For Burkina the effects of drought were compounded by an influx of Malian refugees fleeing conflict in their country.

22 January 2013

As part of Burkina Faso’s Independence Day celebrations, WFP received a national honor for social action from the President Blaise Kampaore.

Refugees and IDPs
8 January 2013

The Government of Brazil has recently donated 1000 metric tonnes of rice to WFP for Malian refugees living in Burkina Faso.

Emergencies, Floods, Logistics
2 November 2012

During the months of the rainy season WFP used multiple means of transportation including donkey-pulled carts and canoes to deliver food to communities in the Sahel region. 

Cash and Vouchers
8 August 2012

Now in the middle of the lean season, WFP is scaling up its operation in Burkina Faso by launching cash interventions that aim to assist over 92,000 households to purchase available food on local markets.

8 August 2012
Hunger is on the rise across the Sahel region of West Africa, a massive swathe of territory that stretches across eight countries from Chad in the east to Senegal in the west. Here is a rundown of the situation in each country and a look at how we're responding to help the people who live there.


29 June 2012

For the third time in a decade, drought in the Sahel region of Africa is threatening millions of people with hunger. But how do people survive in these situations and what are we doing to help them? Here are the answers to eight questions about the current hunger crisis in the Sahel and WFP's response to it.

31 May 2012

This year, 18 million people will be affected by the unfolding hunger crisis in Sahel, according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).