Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
23 May 2012

WFP has launched an emergency operation to deliver life-saving food assistance to thousands of people fleeing conflict in Mali. As refugees stream into areas already strained by drought in the Sahel, it's imperative to reach them with assistance in time for the summer Hunger Season.

Refugees and IDPs
13 April 2012

The influx of over 32,000 Malian refugees has made an already fragile situation in Burkina Faso worse. Their arrival has put pressure on arid regions, where access to water and food is always difficult. 

20 February 2012

Following erratic rains and poor harvests, Burkina Faso is among the Sahel countries currently facing a food and nutrition crisis. 

30 January 2012

For the third time in a decade, drought has returned to the Sahel region of West Africa bringing hunger to millions of people across the region. WFP is pre-positioning food assistance ahead of the annual lean season when the vulnerable – especially women and children – are most at risk of malnutrition.

1 December 2011

Patricia is 42 years old and has been living with HIV for 10 years. She is now receiving food assistance through WFP, essential for effective antiretroviral treatment.

18 November 2011

 WFP organised a training session on food security and nutrition for 25 local journalists. Along with two sessions with WFP specialists, the journalists were lead to visit the nutrition activities in a health center supported by WFP.  

26 October 2011

The Ambassador of France in Burkina Faso Emmanuel Beth visited WFP nutrition and school feeding activities in the Sahel region alongside WFP Country Director Angelline Rudakubana and others from the WFP Burkina Faso team.

15 September 2011

In early September, WFP nutrition focal points and their government counterparts from 18 countries across West Africa gathered in Dakar for a four-day workshop. 

School Meals
15 September 2011

In a little village of the Sahel region, Daouda goes to school, where he receives hot meals through WFP's school feeding programme.

27 July 2011

Pandemics and large-scale disasters pose specific challenges to humanitarian emergency operations, especially in urban areas. Through a recent one-week pandemic simulation, WFP aimed to prepare countries in West Africa to face these challenges so that they can better assist vulnerable populations.