School Meals
15 September 2011

In a little village of the Sahel region, Daouda goes to school, where he receives hot meals through WFP's school feeding programme.

27 July 2011

Pandemics and large-scale disasters pose specific challenges to humanitarian emergency operations, especially in urban areas. Through a recent one-week pandemic simulation, WFP aimed to prepare countries in West Africa to face these challenges so that they can better assist vulnerable populations.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
8 April 2011

From morning to night, Elise spends her days taking care of her family and working in nearby rice fields. As a beneficiary of the Lowlands Management Project, she is now better able to provide for her six children.

School Meals
10 February 2011

In the community of Gorgadji, many more students make the long trek to school every morning now that they receive two hot meals a day. WFP's school meals programme encourages enrolment, especially for girls, and allows students to concentrate better in class.

P4P Stories from the field
21 January 2011

Ouagadougou Fofana, a father of thirteen, is now able to provide for his family thanks to WFP Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative, which guarantees an outlet for farmers’ produce in Burkina Faso. With increased production and income, Mr. Fofana’s means of survival has developed into a business that allows him to feed, clothe, and educate his family.

Focus on Women, Nutrition
22 November 2010

Assétau Bagagnan, a mother of four, says she knew nothing at all about the importance of getting the right vitamins and nutrients before bringing her malnourished baby son to a feeding centre in rural Burkina Faso. Armed with this new knowledge, she says she’s now better equipped to care for her family.

Emergencies, Floods
8 September 2009

WFP has started distributing vital food rations to the victims of widespread flooding across West Africa, launching emergency operations in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania for thousands of people in the worst affected areas.

Emergencies, Food Security Analysis, Nutrition
18 February 2009

When shops and markets are full of produce, but prices are still too high for the poor, sometimes it makes more sense to give people vouchers than bags of food.

2 February 2009

12 December 2007

Nicole Menage, chief of WFP’s food procurement service, talks to web writer Michelle Hough about a little-known fact: WFP bought over three-quarters of its food in 2006 in developing countries.