6 August 2015

An inter-agency needs assessment found that the ongoing socio-political crisis in Burundi has led to increased humanitarian needs in some areas -- in part because of disruption to livelihoods and markets -- and that around 100,000 people needed immediate food assistance. The assessment found that the most affected provinces were Kirundo in the north, Makamba in the south, and the capital, Bujumbura Mairie. WFP is providing vital food assistance that is both saving lives and giving people hope.

19 November 2014

In 2014, WFP-Burundi continued to support the reintegration of Burundian returnees in their communities. This was done through food-for-assets and food-for-training activities bringing together host communities and former refugees returning to Burundi from neighboring countries. In Makamba, a province in eastern Burundi with a high concentration of returnees, people who participated in a WFP food-for-training project can now earn a living.

17 May 2013

At Gakere health centre in the northern province of Ngozi, the World Food Programme is providing vital food supplements to malnourished pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under five.

8 March 2013

WFP is implementing an innovative pilot voucher project in three refugee camps in Burundi with a view to replacing the traditional general food distribution method of providing assistance to refugees in camps.

General Food Distribution
3 December 2012

After nearly two decades spent in exile in Tanzania, thousands of Burundian refugees are finally returning home. WFP food is helping them make the transition and restart lives uprooted by civil war in Burundi in the 1990s.

General Food Distribution
25 May 2012

Some of the Burundian refugees whose families fled the country in 1972 do not know where in Burundi they came from. When they repatriate, they are hosted in integrated rural villages set up by the government where they begin a new life from scratch. WFP provides food assistance to help them get a good start. Elysée Mbonye is one of them.

13 May 2011

More than 810 children have been born in Burundian refugee camps since 2010. WFP supplies much needed food assistance to these children as well as to 20,000 Congolese refugees who have sought asylum in Burundi.


14 April 2010

WFP is taking advantage of Burundi's new wireless network to ensure it always knows how people are eating, how much they pay for food and where potential pockets of hunger are developing. Staff on fact-finding missions update the central database with palm computers.

Nutrition, School Meals
12 March 2009

Polio and poverty meant Apollinaire Gahungu had a difficult start to life. But things began to look up when he was sent to the World Food Programme (WFP) supported school in Bujumbura, Burundi.

12 December 2007

Nicole Menage, chief of WFP’s food procurement service, talks to web writer Michelle Hough about a little-known fact: WFP bought over three-quarters of its food in 2006 in developing countries.