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25 May 2015

The Food Security Analysis factsheet provides key information on the various aspects of Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping work at WFP, the different assessment tools, specific initiatives and key facts for 2015.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
30 April 2015
  • Bonne disponibilité suite à une campagne favorable et une demande à la baisse
  • Groupe cible a facilement accès aux marchés locaux par contre il possède un faible pouvoir d’achat
  • Détaillants flexibles et pouvant répondre à une capacité croissante pour le riz importé
  • Transport des vivres ne présente pas de menaces en cas de demande accrue
  • Valeur α calculée sur le maïs favorable aux transferts monétaires
  • Nécessité d’instaurer un système de suivi des prix, car les tendances restent mitigées
Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 August 2012

Atypical drought conditions in the US causes wheat, maize and soya prices to soar (figure 1). According to data record-ed by the World Bank in July 2012, wheat increased by 50%, maize by 45% and soya by 30% since mid-June 2012. By contrast, rice prices remained stable until July 2012. Compared to the 5-year average, maize, soya and wheat increased by 59%, 44% and 31%, respectively, and rice increased only by 8%. A new bullish phase in inter-national markets could impact regional markets and the food access of West African households already affected by the current nutrition and food crisis.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 March 2009

With the recent decline of food prices, the share of household’s budget spent on food has decreased to 62% in December 2008 and 57% in March 2009.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2006

Analysis was set to identify missing or poor information on national markets , cross-border trade and variables underlying the pricing of products needed to food security of the Sahel.