News release

16 January 2006

WFP calls on the international community to rally strongly behind its efforts to tackle hunger and poverty in West Africa, the poorest region of the world.

4 December 2005

N\'Djamena - WFP warns that unless donations are rapidly forthcoming, nearly 200,000 refugees who have fled into Chad from the Darfur conflict in neighbouring Sudan risk going hungry in the months ahead.

18 October 2005

Thousands of refugees who have fled random banditry and violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) are in urgent need of international assistance as they gather in and around camps in neighbouring Chad, WFP warns.

22 November 2004

Al Kufra, Libya For the first time, WFP is sending United States food assistance through Libya, along a humanitarian corridor across the Sahara desert, to reach nearly 200,000 Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad.

9 September 2004

Oure Cassoni Camp, Chad The first convoy of trucks carrying food aid for WFP across the Sahara desert arrives at a refugee camp in eastern Chad, ending a 2,800-kilometre journey from Libya\'s Mediterranean coast and opening up a new route to feed tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees.

28 August 2004

Al Kohfra, Libya A convoy of trucks carrying the first consignment of emergency food aid across the Sahara desert for Sudanese refugees in Chad leaves the Libyan town of Al Kohfra,. The delivery is part of a ground-breaking agreement between WFP and the Libyan government to help feed 1.4 million people displaced by fighting in Darfur, western Sudan.

20 July 2004

N\'djamena WFP warns that it would run out of food by the end of this month for 27,000 refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) trapped in Chad, unless substantial contributions were made.

6 July 2004

Nairobi As the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and neighbouring Chad deepens by the day and the number of people suffering from conflict across western Sudan has almost doubled to two million, WFP appeals to the international community for urgent funding to expand its operations in both Sudan and Chad. At least one million people have been driven from their homes and farms by the fighting.

23 June 2004

N\'djamena WFP will be forced to halt its humanitarian air service from N\'djamena to eastern Chad next month at the height of the rainy season when the link is needed most unless new funding is urgently secured.