News release

31 May 2007

WFP welcomes US government contributions in May totaling $32.4 million to feed people confronting critical humanitarian situations ranging from severe drought to conflict in Kenya, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Colombia.

24 April 2007

Thousands of civilians have fled renewed fighting in the north eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo where WFP and UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), are working together to alleviate suffering among the local population.

13 October 2006

A train loaded with a total of 587 metric tons of food aid has left Lubumbashi in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in what is believed to be the largest amount of food aid dispatched on a single train in the DRC in years, the WFP said.

26 September 2006

WFP has recently started airlifting urgent food aid to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, even though it has not received any funding pledges for 2007.

5 September 2006

WFP has said that its airdrops into Katanga Province, south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, had provided enough food aid for some 34,700 displaced people, but a severe lack of funds was preventing many more needy from being reached.

25 July 2006

In the run-up to the long-awaited elections, violence persists in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes yet again.

24 July 2006

WFP welcomes a 105 million euro donation by the European Commission for its global operations in 2006.

4 July 2006

WFP has said it has started dropping food aid from an aircraft into violence-wracked Katanga province in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo – marking the agency’s first food aid airdrops outside Sudan since 1998.

3 July 2006

WFP has chosen the theme of “Partnering with Men to Achieve Gender Equality” for this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD), to stress the importance of the two sexes working together to improve women’s lives around the world.

24 February 2006

The heads of three of the United Nations largest humanitarian agencies are embarking on their first joint mission to visit their common operations.