7 February 2013

Crispin Mpigirwa is a WFP nutritionist, who works in the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where entire communities often have to abandon their homes to escape fighting. A Congolese national, with 15 years of experience in humanitarian work, Crispin is a key figure in WFP’s efforts to combat malnutrition in the camps for displaced people around Goma.

Refugees and IDPs
31 January 2013

Nabintu’s husband was killed  by a gang of armed men last July. The mother of five tells how they came to their house in in Shabunda, South Kivu Province, in the middle of the night, forced their way inside and slaughtered him....

27 December 2012

For years, Heal Africa, in North Kivu's provincial capital of Goma, has helped victims of sexual violence and children with HIV/AIDS. But when fresh conflict erupted, the non-profit opened its doors to the wounded as well. WFP is helping them recover through food assistance.

Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
26 December 2012

Violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has displaced more than 900,000 people this year alone. But in parts of North Kivu province, some are returning home. In early December, WFP distributed food rations to more than 60,000 of these returnees in Nyiragongo Territory, north of the provicial capital, Goma.

Earthquakes, Refugees and IDPs, School Meals
21 December 2012

The conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has wrested children from their families and homes. Today, they count among the most vulnerable of the tens of thousands of displaced people in the region. Some have found refuge at the Don Bosco Center, a Catholic institution in Noth Kivu's provincial capital of Goma, where WFP is providing school meals. 

17 December 2012

Relentless November rains demolished houses and left thousands of people homeless in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. WFP came to the rescue, with food distributions that are helping flood victims survive — and tide them over as they repair the damage and begin farming again.

Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
10 December 2012

After tens of thousands of people fled a new flareup of violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, US philanthropist Howard G. Buffett visited the region in early December to view their plight first-hand. As the unrest abates, his foundation has donated $1 million to WFP to help returnees restart their lives.


3 December 2012

An upsurge of fighting in Eastern Congo has forced thousands of families to flee their homes, leaving them with little access to food. WFP, which was already feeding nearly half a million displaced people in the North Kivu province, is responding to the new needs with food distributions in and around the city of Goma.

27 November 2012

In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of people are on the move, balancing their belongings on their heads or on chukudus, the local wooden scooters. They pack the roads of North and South Kivu, fleeing the newest wave of violence spreading across the region. WFP is working around the clock to ensure the most destitute have enough to eat.

General Food Distribution
16 November 2012

A week before armed groups seized the city of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Web Editor Martin Penner visited the region to see how WFP is helping some two million people who'd fled their homes to escape the fighting. His tweets help to illustrate how those operations work and why it's so important for them to resume as soon as the security situation allows.