Climate Change
20 April 2012

KIBUMBA, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo - In North Kivu, the World Food Programme feeds the hungry but also contributes to the protection of the environment and creates jobs through a recycling project.

Emergencies, Focus on Women, General Food Distribution
19 April 2012

A mother of nine, Josiane Matchirucha has not been displaced but, still, she is among the most affected by population displacement. Five families have sought shelter in her home. Now, forty people live under her roof, eat at her table and share her toilet.

Crop Production, Purchase for Progress
5 March 2012

P4P - an innovative scheme designed to promote the interests of small holders - has turned around the life of one famer in the Demcratic Republic of Congo. Now others want to follow his example.

Food for Assets
7 October 2011

It was in the evening, almost at nightfall, the young girl was going home to her grandmother’s as her parents were separated. On the way, four men abducted her.
One of them raped her, while the others watched, after that they told her she was free to go. When she managed to get back to her grandmother’s place a few hours later, in tears, she told her everything.


Capacity Building
24 June 2011

WFP congratulates Murhabazi Namebage on winning the World’s Children’s Prize, an educational programme for young people about the rights of the child, democracy and global friendship. 

Capacity Building
24 June 2011

John and Rafiki were only 15 when they were enlisted by armed gangs in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. John became a body guard and Rafiki was put in charge of transporting ammunition.  Today, they are both at a WFP-supported centre in the town of Masisi,  and have only one thing on their minds: resuming their normal lives.

25 February 2011

A WFP barge which was an essential tool for WFP logistics to provide food to Congolese refugees, who returned from Zambia two years ago, has been handed over to the provincial government of Katanga.

Food for Assets
14 December 2010

Thousands of families fled the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 amid a brutal civil conflict. Many came back two years later to find their homes and farms destroyed. Now they’re building better ones with the help of a WFP programme that provides them with food while they get back on their feet.

School Meals
8 December 2010

Not so long ago, Okango was one of the troubled and vulnerable children learning carpentry at the Don Bosco Centre in Goma in DRC. Today, he is a teacher at a Roman Catholic institution that offers accommodation, practical skills and a lifeline to 3,700 orphans, demobilized child soldiers and other young victims of poverty and violence.  

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
20 October 2010

After years of armed conflict, women in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo are playing a leading role in its economic recovery with the help of vocational training centres which keep them fed while they learn new skills. Famiya, the sole breadwinner in a family of seven, says she’s learning to become a businesswoman.