Food for Assets
14 December 2010

Thousands of families fled the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 amid a brutal civil conflict. Many came back two years later to find their homes and farms destroyed. Now they’re building better ones with the help of a WFP programme that provides them with food while they get back on their feet.

School Meals
8 December 2010

Not so long ago, Okango was one of the troubled and vulnerable children learning carpentry at the Don Bosco Centre in Goma in DRC. Today, he is a teacher at a Roman Catholic institution that offers accommodation, practical skills and a lifeline to 3,700 orphans, demobilized child soldiers and other young victims of poverty and violence.  

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
20 October 2010

After years of armed conflict, women in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo are playing a leading role in its economic recovery with the help of vocational training centres which keep them fed while they learn new skills. Famiya, the sole breadwinner in a family of seven, says she’s learning to become a businesswoman.

20 October 2010

Peter Transburg spent much of his childhood in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo while his parents were there teaching. He returned last year as an adult, working for WFP. While he now sees things differently, he says there are many reminders of former days spent climbing guava trees and fishing in rivers.

3 September 2010

Civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to an outbreak of sexual violence, with over 17,500 women raped last year. By drawing women to health centres and providing nourishment for them and their children, food aid has proved to be a key part of the healing process.

27 July 2010

After 18 months in camps, many of the families displaced by conflict in Eastern Congo are keen to go home and restart their lives. WFP Executive Director Josette recently visited Katsiru in North Kivu and found that, while some are held back by fears over security, others are taking the risk. In either case, WFP is helping.

General Food Distribution
24 July 2010

During the second leg of her four-nation trip to Africa, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeeran visited North Kivu in the east of Democratric Republic of Congo, highlighting the need for support and security to allow displaced Congolese to rebuild their lives.

Nutrition, School Meals
4 May 2010

A teacher and mother of three, Mrs Kambere Sirivahani knows first-hand the effect WFP school meals can have on a schoolroom. She's seen her own swell with lively students who now have the strength to concentrate on school work. Back at home, families like hers finally have a chance to get ahead.

8 April 2010

In Katanga, a mining province in southeastern Congo, the global financial crisis left a deep swathe of unemployment, bringing more hunger and malnutrition. Now, families of jobless miners are re-learning forgotten farming skills and at the same time gaining insights into healthy eating.

12 March 2010

WFP has started airlifting urgent food assistance into a remote northern region of the Republic of Congo in order to reach tens of thousands of refugees from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who have crossed the border to escape conflict.