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22 May 2013

Ecuador WFP Ecuador’s 2012 Annual Report documents a compilation of best practices in learning, innovation, and improved tools to reach the most vulnerable and improve their food and nutrition security. With the aim of being the partner of choice that builds the resilience of poor communities in the face of natural disasters, climate change, and food and nutrition insecurity, WFP in Ecuador has worked with the national and local governments to foster innovation, improve tools and take proven solutions to scale.

Cash and Vouchers, Focus on Women
31 January 2013

In coordination with the Government of Ecuador and local governments, WFP promotes food and nutrition security, supporting trainings in nutrition, assistance to vulnerable groups with an emphasis on women, climate change adaptation, and emergency preparedness and response. In a joint effort with the International Food Policy Research Institute, WFP tested the relative costs and benefits of food rations, cash and vouchers as alternative assistance modalities in order to learn which ones are more effective in the Ecuadorian urban and peri-urban context.

Cash and Vouchers, Crop Production, Livelihoods, Capacity Development, National Capacity, Focus on Women, Nutrition, Procurement, School Meals
24 August 2012

WFP aims to generate evidence-based food and nutrition security models which are cost-effective and environmentally sound. Through a participatory process with local governments, WFP will support local capabilities to implement innovative nutrition packages which improve the dietary diversity and micronutrient status of children, women and vulnerable groups. The project will catalyze small holder participation to leverage public and private markets, in particular local safety-net programmes. Targeted provinces: Carchi, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Santa Elena.

Cash and Vouchers, Capacity Development, Monitoring, Climate Change, National Capacity, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs, Focus on Women, Urban Food Insecurity, Nutrition, School Meals
24 August 2012

WFP’s goal in Ecuador is to be an innovative partner, support government policies and priorities, contribute to food sovereignty, food and nutrition security of vulnerable people, and gender equality.  The Strategy for 2012-2016 outlines an approach with national and local governments, communities and all the sectors involved in food and nutrition security. Representatives of 15 government agencies participated in developing the Strategy, in line with the priorities of the Government’s National Development Plan and the 2008 Constitution.

Cash and Vouchers, Refugees and IDPs, Focus on Women, Nutrition, School Meals
24 August 2012

To diffuse tensions between refugees and Ecuadorian communities and promote integration in both urban and rural areas, WFP supports the food and nutrition security of refugees and Ecuadorians, in alignment with government priorities, with a special focus on women. The operation is planned for three years. WFP aims to assist annually 45,015 beneficiaries at a yearly cost of US$ 3.5 million.

Cash and Vouchers, Nutrition
7 June 2012

This study is one of several impact evaluations being undertaken globally by WFP and IFPRI to test the relative costs and benefits of alternatives to food aid and to learn which modalities are most effective in different contexts. The aim of this particular study is to estimate the impact and cost-effectiveness of the Cash and Voucher project in Ecuador, with food and nutrition security, trust, discrimination and gender indicators.

Cash and Vouchers, Ambassadors, Capacity Development, Climate Change, National Capacity, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs, Focus on Women, Gender, Nutrition
31 May 2012

In close coordination with the government, the WFP Country Office in Ecuador undertook a series of projects in favour of vulnerable populations. Assistance to Colombian refugees and their host communities in the northern border; the Cash and Voucher project; an initiative on adaptation to Climate Change with funding from the Adaptation Fund, were central to WFP’s work during 2011. Click on the link below to read this annual report available in English and Spanish.