Centre of Excellence against Hunger
23 April 2013

A delegation of the Government of El Salvador and the WFP focal point in the area of social protection visited the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger in Brasilia.

Droughts, Emergencies
23 April 2013

As part of the emergency response, WFP provided food assistance during December 2012 to 911 families who depend on agriculture for subsistence. Their harvest was affected by the drought that hit the eastern part of the country last year.

Focus on Women
22 April 2013

WFP in El Salvador is supporting "One Billion Rising" Campaign. The objetive is raising awareness on the rights of women and non violence.

Purchase for Progress
5 February 2013

Helping small farmers connect to markets is one of the most effective things we can do to build communities free from hunger. That’s what the ground-breaking “Purchase for Progress” initiative has done in 20 countries around the world. Now in the fifth and final year of its pilot phase, here’s what five farmers who took part in it have to say about the experience.

Focus on Women, NGOs, Nutrition
21 December 2012

WFP implemented the first “Integral Course on Health, Nourishment and Nutrition with Emphasis on Gender: Management and Storage of Food and their Application in Emergencies” with the aim of educating men and women in a series of key issues related to health, nourishment and nutrition that may have a positive impact in the assistance provided to vulnerable groups.

25 July 2012

Pizza Hut and the World Food Programme are celebrating on August 26th the Puch Marathon II, an event that is part of the overall World Hunger Relief campaign that are promoted by YUM! Brands. The main goal is to increase public awareness of the issue of hunger and to raise funds for WFP and other international organizations.

27 June 2012

In 2009, Melvin Ernesto Perez first came to a Childhood Wellness Center in the municipality of Apaneca. The signs of severe undernutrition were visible not only on his body but also in other areas of his life.

Focus on Women
4 June 2012

In the municipality of San Rafael Cedros located in the province of  Cuscatlán (central region of El Salvador and some 83 kilometers from the capital city of San Salvador), five women have set up a small business now known as “La Cocina Económica” (Economic Kitchen). This business is managed by an association of women entrepreneurs that supply ready to eat school meals for students attending the local public school in this municipality.

Focus on Women, Gender, School Meals
17 May 2012

Thanks to the Gender Innovation Fund, a group of women led by Blanca Segovia had an opportunity to start their own microbusiness, support the school meals programme at local schools and also improve the nutrition of their own families.

Purchase for Progress
19 January 2012

Jose Manuel Ramirez had to wait 10 years to have the opportunity of doing what he loves the most: farming, a tradition he and his brothers inherited from their parents.